Agnieszka Białachowska


“Vision is the art of seeing invisible” said Jonathan Swift. And there need to be a leader that has such a vision pictured in his mind. According to Warren Bennis “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”. Such an entrepreneur has abilities to lead others and manage a company to change the vision into reality.
An importance of a leader and his vision in creating a successful management strategy is the purpose of this article. The strengths and visionary skills of a leader constitute the entrepreneurial strategy formation school. As a result of the analysis of leadership features and a vision, the main premises of the entrepreneurial strategy school were defined. It is crucial that a leader has his main strategy visualized in a form of long-term vision. The vision must be simple, inspiring and challenging.
It serves as guidance. When articulating vision core ideology (values and purpose) along with envisioned future (10-to-30-year goal with a vivid description) need to be formulated. Visionaries have to be able to see in several different configurations simultaneously (seeing ahead, behind, above, below, beyond, beside and through). Important to the vision are traits that a leader has. These are experience and intuition that form a strategy foundation. It is important that a strategic vision should be flexible in accordance to current circumstances. A leader that gains complete control over the business can reformulate a vision accordingly to his discretion. According to the entrepreneurial school, an external world is comprehensible and controllable;
an internal process is natural and irrational. Even though entrepreneurs vary in terms of their sources of inspiration and types of personality, there are three common areas of their interest: objectives of a venture, leverage provided by external change, and proprietary assets versus hustle. All the above-mentioned attributes taken together constitute a composition of a visionary leader. In short, a successful leader is a strong, courageous, creative and controlling person, with brilliant vision that guides and drives the whole business idea.

czasopismo PF nr 1-2014.pdf, p. 6