Information for authors


1 The Editorial Board accepts scientific articles for publication devoted to economic problems.  


2 Articles are accepted for publication on the basis of the opinion of two reviewers. Review is anonymous, which is to ensure high educational standards of the journal. 


3 Editors will not accept texts previously published in other publications.


4 Editors do not return unsolicited materials.


5 Texts are accepted in English or Polish (summary in English).


6 Authors bear responsibility for the information and views contained in the articles.


7 The editorial board is the ultimate authority accepting articles for publication in a given number.


8 Articles published in the Journal are free.


9 Editorial requirements for articles submitted for publication in the Journal "Business & Finance" can be found  on the WSFiZ  Białystok Publishing House webpage.


10 Please prepare the text in accordance with the accompanying editorial requirements.


Steps for publishing a text:

1 The author(s)  sends a proposed article in electronic form according to the guidelines specified on the  Journal’s webpage to pif.czasopismo @

2 The article is sent for review. Editors appoint two independent reviewers.

3 Editors send the author a review of the text in electronic form.

o In the case of two positive reviews, the author shall make the necessary corrections and return the completed article to the Editor.

o In the case of one positive review and one negative review, the author may ask for the article to be reviewed a second time after (s)he has made the necessary corrections. After receiving a second positive review, the article is directed for publication in the next issue of the Journal.

o In the case of two negative reviews, the article is not published, and Editors notify the author.

4 The author has 14 days to make corrections identified by the Reviewer.

5 After receiving  information from the editor that the article has been accepted for publication, the author sends a completed and signed handwritten form declaring consent to the publication of the article in electronic form. The completed form should be sent to the Editor at the following address :

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


6 The editors reserve the right to make any corrections indicated by the corrector of the text.

7 The editors send one copy of the journal to the author, to the address indicated by the author.